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Africa in the new global economy



The last turmoil in the global economy has prompted many investors to refocus and concentrate more on productive activities in the real economy. These changes will create a redistribution of production all over the world.

In this mutation, Africa holds a trump card. With significant unexploited resources and generally low economic costs, many projects in Africa provide a payback on investment faster than in other regions. Institutional and private investors are increasingly integrating  Africa in their new strategy. They show interest for sectors with a medium level of profitability, but sustainable. Sectors such as energy, mining, productive infrastructures and agriculture are now targets in great demand.
However, from this willingness to invest and the realization of tangible achievements on the continent, an intermediary is necessary. Identifying and structuring profitable projects for presentation to investors in accordance with international quality standards is the vocation of AMIC-Invest, - in short a "link" between Africa and international investors. To perform this function, AMIC-Invest has developed an exceptional expertise and a network worldwide.