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Assistance to large private groups


Supporting major groups in their search for markets contracts or mining products is also a major activity of AMIC-Invest.


 Some large companies use the assistance of AMIC-Invest to be helped during the process of bidding and/or contract negotiations with African Countries in a win-win partnership. When we are approached by a company to research and/or negotiate contracts, we first study our added value and our chances of success. Without positive and clear answer to these two questions, we prefer to decline. In short, our rule is: "to be sure to win, or to decline."
This strict approach permits us to achieve an average success rate of 80%.

Mining companies often request AMIC-Invest to obtain research, exploration and exploitation permits. Some of them are interested in mines with proven reserves to be developed. To succeed in this field, we have established cooperative relations with national structures in charge of the mining sector in many African countries. Our experts have good knowledge of the mineral situation of our target countries. We have first class information on mining potential in: Guinea, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso in West Africa - Gabon and Congo (Brazzaville) in Central Africa.

For our mining customers, we organize on-site missions: meeting with national institutions in charge of the sector, easy access to information (including some confidential data room), visits to mine sites, follow up of permit and licenses obtaining.

For our customers seeking to buy mines with proven reserves, we are providing them with detailed information to help them choosing the best sites. We also assist them negotiating with both the owners and the public authorities.



For our clients ready to start the set up and exploitation of their project we can help them with the necessary logistics, ease their installation and speed up the administrative procedures.

In certain circumstances, we sometimes establish joint-ventures with our partners.


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