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Assistance to Governments and Regional Organizations in Africa


To assist Governments and Regional Organizations in Africa to better structure their projects and to mobilize public financing in partnership countries is the first purpose of AMIC-Invest.


To perform this function, AMIC-Invest has developed:


  1. > An exceptional expertise and network in countries like China, India, Brazil, and South Korea ... In these countries, we work directly with large companies. In this framework, we have signed cooperation agreements with some partner companies. Some of these companies have "credit lines" for their activities in international market. We also have a very good knowledge of available funding for African countries, as well as procedures to quickly mobilize these resources. We have a privileged network of relationships with Financial Institutions and Government agencies in the emerging countries.


  1. > A well commanded procedure, which involves:

    1. - Collect the available studies: full feasibility, environmental and social impact, APD ...

    2. - Develop a "project profile" from the studies available and ensure the interests of the  donors for the proposed project

    3. - Agree with the financial authorities of the requesting country on the potential type of funding (concessional, preferential or commercial loan) and ensure about the country's debt margin and non-objection of the Bretton-Wood Institutions.

    4. - Get an official Mandate for AMIC-Invest from the relevant authorities in order  to operate in a formal  framework

    5. - Send the expressions of interest to companies targeted by the partnering  Countries

    6. - Evaluate, with the assistance of specialized consultants, the technical and financial  proposal  of prequalified firms and  have the final choice validated by the competent authorities

    7. - Establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or a Contract to be signed by the parties

    8. - Follow up the loan application with the selected financial institution (usually an EXIMBANK), until the signing of the loan agreement



 Usually, it takes between 12 and 18 months to get funding for EPC Project (signing the loan agreement).


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