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The projects completed and in progress


AMIC-Invest guarantees total confidentiality to its customers and partners on all projects handled and acts with a total transparency. Some of them allow us to publish their projects, some others not. In keeping with this commitment, we publish below the list of authorized projects, accessible in our website through a key given, upon request, against the signature of a confidentiality agreement.
The funds mobilized by AMIC-Invest and those in process are summarized on the sheet attached (see inside the pocket), which shows our outstanding success.

This success is due to our specific approach. In fact, AMIC-Invest takes the time to identify good projects and to meet the condition of success. This professional approach and our confidence in the final outcome of our work allow us not to ask any compensation in the phase of identification and preparation of the projects. Our remuneration is only based on the final result through success-fees.

Our remuneration is calculated on a case by case basis depending on our value added in the completion of each project. It varies on average by 3% to 6% of the amount mobilized.