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Energy projects in BOOT


AMIC-Invest plans to form an economic pole of development for energy projects in Africa with technical and financial partners combining capital funds and operational capacities.

Given the very strong energy demand in African countries, several Governments have mandated AMIC-Invest for the implementation of power plants (heavy fuel oil or coal) and hydroelectric installations. Therefore, AMIC-Invest has decided to manage by itself three to five power projects in Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT), before 2015. The terms proposed with the Governments are: the signing of a concession contract with the Government for a minimum period of 20 years, the signing of an off take contract (also valid 20 years) with the Public Electricity Company guaranteed by the Government (Take or Pay), and the benefit of tax concessions.


In this context, we are looking for technical partners and financial investors for the establishment of a pool of investment in the energy sector in West Africa, in a first time.


Furthermore, we are preparing the implementation of an energy efficiency program, first in Mali and then in other African countries.


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