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It is probably the sector which presents the most investment opportunities in sub- Saharan Africa. Key factor in economic development but also social welfare, energy is the Achilles heel of most African countries. The level of electricity production is generally low, with a population rate of access often below 25 %. In Mali, for example, the rate is about 15%. Precisely because of this low production, prices are often high and affect the competitiveness of the economy.

The needs for investment in the energy sector in Africa are enormous. There is a very strong demand which can be translated into real opportunities. The payment rate for private customers is generally high. For example, it is more than 95% in Mali. Through a better organization of the distribution, prices could be more remunerative.
The projects studied by AMIC-Invest concern several types of works: hydroelectricity, thermal power station (with heavy fuel or coal), interconnection of electricity grids, biofuels, solar and wind power units.



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